I can buy Music on itunes for 99 cents. Why are you so expensive?

This shop is not for consumers of music. You are allowed to stream most of my material from the internet for your private, non-commercial music consumption. However, the collection of this online shop is aimed at companies, agencies, film makers and film producers who are searching for “A&R” type music that they can sync with moving content. For that purpose, I am charging license fees, depending on the target audience, media and number of copies of the end product.


What can I do with the Music I purchased?

Every track is available in the following 3 license models:

Standard, Extended, Unlimited

Each one of these models offer different conditions in publishing the music with an end product. What model you choose depends heavily on your target market, the media platform and amount of copies of your end product. If you are making an online explainer video, you might not be in need of an unlimited license, which is more targeted to a theatrical audience or DVD/Bluray publications.  If you are curious, have a look at the dropdown on the product detail page under “License”. When you select a license, a text pops up underneath the dropdown, enabling you to read its conditions before you put it in the cart.


What is “Royalty Free Music”, “A&R” Music or “Stock Music”?


These are usually charged by air- and playtime and paid out to the content creator regularly. “Royalty Free” means that you will not be charged continuously for an ongoing use of the licensed music and instead, simply pay a one-time fee.


A&R is short for “Artists and Repertoire” and is basically a pool of artists that can be considered to be contracted or licensed by a record company, tv station or media agency to license their music for various projects.

Stock Music

With the introduction of Royalty Free content, stock music has somewhat become a music category on its own. It is recognizable in its reserved musical characteristics and is often repetitive, so that the whole song, or parts of it, can be endlessly looped and customized to be worked into a project that requires background music.


Is there also a lossless audio version included in my digital download?

Yes! All of my digital products that are offered in the shop are offered as lossless WAV/44.1 kHz as well as a 320kb/s MP3 file.


I don’t like the music anymore, can I have my money back?

Since this is a digital product I am offering, I am afraid that I cannot give you a refund in this case. You are free to test out the music in your project using the mp3 player on my site. The moment you purchase this music you should have a very good idea how you utilize it in your project. Don’t be sad, you can still keep this music and use it for a future project. Yay!


What does  “Youtube Content ID (Adrev)” mean?

Youtube Content ID

Is a system developed by Google to identify copyrighted artwork inside of Youtube videos. The artist uploads their work to a database system which stores a digital fingerprint of the artwork. An algorithm searches and compares every Youtube upload for this fingerprint and flags it as soon as a match is found.


Adrev is a revenue service for musicians and copyright holders that puts ads on videos, flagged with a Youtube Content ID fingerprint match and ensures that the content creator gets paid a royalty fee, financed through advertizing on videos.

Why is my video claimed by Adrev when I own a license to the music?

First of all, there is no need to worry. Adrev does not take your video down, nor does Youtube Content ID. Your Youtube account will not get a strike. With the purchase of a license, you are indeed entitled to use the music you licensed in a Youtube video within the guidelines of that license. Adrev merely helps the artist to receive additional revenues through advertizing. You are free to opt out of this by filing a dispute on Adrevs claim inside the Youtube video manager. Please make sure you have a copy of the invoice at hand, which you received after purchasing your audio license.