Chopping Jack

Addictive Arcade Chopping

Chopping Jack is a highly addictive arcade style casual game for iOS. The main character, Jack, needs firewood. The player must help him to chop wood and avoid to hit the beavers.

The developer of the game commissioned sound effects and background music for the game. It should sound optimistic and fun but not be too dominant during gameplay. Originally, it was the idea to hire a voice actor for the beaver. But since budget was limited, we had to make use of existing archived material and audio editing.

In order to accomplish a seamless transition in connection to the increasing gameplay of the game, I composed a song that is about 5 minutes long. It starts out at a very low speed and then increases up to 300 BPM and more. The developer also received a normal speed version to experiment with and to cut and modify the audio material to his own needs.

I also composed the music loop for the opening screen, which is a very slow and soft version of the ingame music. In order to meet the budget, we reduced the arrangement to 4 audio tracks and shortened it to 30 seconds.

The style of the sound effects is very comical and ultra-realistic. When the axe hits the beaver, there are two sound variations of the actual scream, along with a couple of achievements and bonus sounds.

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