Holiday Card 2017

Studio Plumeau in Utrecht is a group of talented 2D-animators and film makers. We decided to team up for a fun video over the holidays. The premise: rogue delivery-drones on christmas eve.

Upon checking out the animatics, I suggested that old-school hip-hop might work with the visuals.

For the track, I used samples from a christmas-themed vintage shopping tape.

As a next step, I added foley effects.

Animator Tom van der Linden borrowed his voice for the Santa Clause scene.

Direction: Studio Plumeau –

Storyboard: Geoffrey Maclean – Evelyne du Bois
Backgrounds: Evelyne du Bois – Ben Vinkenburg
Animation: Geoffrey Maclean – Evelyne du Bois – Thijs Viegers
Compositing: Evelyne du Bois – Geoffrey Maclean – Ben Vinkenburg

  • Client: Collaboration
  • Task: Composing, Sound Design

Watch on Vimeo