UIT 2014 Festival Opening

The UIT is a public event, which is organized by the university of Utrecht to introduce newcomers and graduants to the city and campus of Utrecht.

Director Olga Verheijden asked me to provide music and sound effects for a collection of animation sequences that would play on side screens of a main stage, synchronized with real actors. These clips would play during short breaks of Coen and Phillip and feature animated versions of them, flying in a rocket to several places on earth.

I composed the music of all the clips, featuring different styles that should represent the different regions of the earth, for instance: USA (Hip Hop), Afrika (Afro-Rock) and Asia (Asian folk)

For the final sequence, it was requested to create a sound effect that would play on an additional pair of loudspeakers with lots of deep end in order to simulate a real rocket, landing behind the theater. The sound created a feeling of immersion, mixed together with the original audio.

In the video on the left, you can see the actual animated footage that was playing on the sidescreens of the main stage.

Watch on Vimeo