Who am I and what’s with that name?

My name is Robert Jung and I am a freelance composer and sound designer. I was born in Cottbus, Germany and grew up in Holzdorf, a small village in the beautiful countryside around Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

I have been actively making music since 2004 but took first steps in computer-aided music back in 1995 when I hooked up a Yamaha PSR-2700 to an Atari ST, running Steinbergs “Happy Music” program. Sequencing and composing music, sampling sounds were intriguing to me, and so, a couple of years later, I invested my pocket money in a synthesizer and a sampler. I ended up spending more and more time creating sounds at home and began connecting with like-minded composers via the internet through a website, called “XG-Central”.

After I was done with school, I had bought a Waldorf Microwave XTk and later a Nord Modular, which I controlled using Steinbergs Cubase SX. My first assignment was an unpaid fun job that involved making music and sound effects for a computer game by a friend. At this moment, I was studying Media Design at the Gutenbergschule in Leipzig. I would take a couple more years until I would grow more confident and start working on music and sound professionally.

Today, I live in a nifty space here in Haarlem, a city at the outer rim of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Most of the time, I work in my music studio crafting sounds and melodies.


Derived from the physical term “three kelvin radiation”, which describes the cosmic background radiation that manifests itself as static noise in any audio or visual signal, it is supposed to stand as a significant element of our reality and the perception of it. Sound is an essential part of our lives. The name was first conceived in 2004 when I was looking for an artist title under which I could release music. But it grew into something bigger than that. When I launched my freelance career in 2006, I began transforming the name into a brand and pseudonym for music, graphic design, online marketing strategies, photography and website development.


In 2015 the decision was made to return to my roots as a music artist and producer and started to build a little sound studio to continue extending my audio catalog and work on exciting new projects. Quickly, I began to work with agencies and clients in tv, film, game development and other media.

The Future

I intend to increase my client base around the globe, grow my collection of audio assets and invent new things. Who knows what is going to happen in the next few years. It will be interesting to watch and important to adapt to. One thing is for certain: After billions of years, when the sun in our solar system will long be burned out, the image of the beginning of the universe, known as cosmic background radiation, will still remain.