Music Composition

Writing, Arranging,  Production of Music in a variety of styles: Classical, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk, EDM and more

Audio Direction & Sourcing

Selecting Suitable Royalty-Free Audio Content, Collaboration with a number of Freelance-Writers, Voice Talents and Musicians

Mixing & Mastering

Sound, Music, Voiceovers,  Audio for Music Streaming, TV, Online in commonly used audio standards (e.g. EBU R128)

Audio Production

Music, Sound Effects, Foley for Film, Trailers, Commercials, Explainers, Games, Audio Books & Interactive Experiences

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Who am I?

My name is Robert Jung and I am a freelance composer and sound designer. I was born in Cottbus, Germany. Since 2009, I have been living and working in the Netherlands.

I have been actively working as a freelancer in online and offline media since 2006.

My project studio resides in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I offer audio production and composition services to film makers, agencies, game developers and product designers.


I derived this word from the physics term “three kelvin radiation”. This so-called cosmic background radiation manifests as static noise in audio and visual signals. Noise is a building block of our reality and our perception of it. White Noise, Brown Noise and Pink Noise are also an important element for sound engineers, sound designers and musicians.

“Dreikelvin” has been my artist pseudonym since 2004. It grew into something bigger than that. When I launched my freelance career in 2006, I began transforming the name into a brand and ident for creative content.