Leader KLIK Festival 2016

Intergalactic Sound

KLIK Amsterdam Animation festival is a yearly international film event that takes place at the EYE filmmuseum in Amsterdam, right next to the central station at the river “IJ” (spoken: “eye”). The organizers contacted the animation team “Brontomus” to produce their 2016 leader animation video, which plays at the beginning of every film session throughout the festival.

Being able to collaborate with such creative people with these ingenious ideas was a really rewarding experience. I composed the music for the film, which is a mix between contemporary EDM, 80s music and indie rock with a hint of “Animal Collective” as one of the inspirations for the general sound.

For the first version I wrote a dreamy-wave song but we quickly came to the conclusion to go with something more positive and substantial. So the idea was scrapped and I wrote something with more drums and guitars which were mangled with lot’s of delay and distortion effects.

early animatics of the film with a first version of the music

The “click” sound in the middle of the film underwent many revisions as well. It was recorded with the festival merchandize toy, every visitor receives and it makes a “click” sound just like in the film. Only, in recent years, the toy was redesigned and sounded a lot louder. Still, every toy has a different, unique sound. After recording dozens of takes, we finally found the right sound.

Some of the other noises in the film, for example the opening of the soda can, or the camera shutter of the reporters, where modeled to resemble the “click” as well to motivate the audience to use their toy while the animation plays repeatedly throughout the festival.

The team at Brontomus worked hard to deliver an incredible-looking piece of art with a quality level of 2-D animated feature films. It contains many easter-eggs and hints to known gems, popular in the internet community.

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