Pterodactyl Falls

Producing mobile sound for children

I was commissioned to create a soundtrack for an upcoming children’s game, called “Pterodactyl Falls”. The game featured a pterodactyl dinosaur who was learning how to fly.

Since the client stated that he was open to suggestions, I proposed to compose the music with a tropical feel and playful character.

Along with the main title music, I composed two music loops for the gameplay that were around 60 seconds long.

Additionally, custom sound effects where designed as well as the recording of foley sound effects for the wing-flaps and dinosaur landings.

The overall character of the sounds needed to sound very open and accessible for children to understand what’s going on. For that purpose, we tested all the sound effects on multiple phone speakers and enhanced their character with EQing techniques.

I suggested to spice up the sound effects with a few pterodactyl grunts and screams. For that purpose, I mixed a couple of animal sounds and grunts with toddler noises.

Unfortunately, in beginning of 2016 the developer has announced it had halted the development of the game, with no further plans of finalizing it.

  • Client: Bowersbros
  • Task: Composing, Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering
  • Project: halted