Jumping through Galaxies

Squawk is a new kind of space runner/shooter that features addictive gameplay, retro-graphics and multiple levels with bonuses, weapons and dangerous objects.

The developers wanted me on board for some music and sound effects. Being the sci-fi-buff that grew up with space shooters and 8/16-Bit consoles, I instantly agreed to help them out.

For the soundsphere, I played a few synths on top of each other and used speech samples with a distorsion effect to make them sound like radio communication.

Most of the foley effects were made with sounds recorded in my studio, with props or with my mouth. You can hear the “black hole sound” which resembles a sucking sound with added space effects – which was done by special request of the developers.

The bonus sounds are reminiscent of platformers like Sonic the Hedgehog or Earthworm Jim.

EQ-ing and mixing was done with the help of a little android app called “air bubble” which I can pair easily with my DAW and output the sound directly onto a mobile phone. This gives me an ideal listening environment to simulate mobile speakers and allows me to make adjustments really easily and on-the-fly.

I really enjoyed working with the team from RhoGames and like how this game turned out. I found myself playing it a lot on the train.

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