Eindhoven: 1920-2020

A tube through time

We created this shortfilm together with animation studio “Matte! Nande?” from Eindhoven. It is a 100-second journey through 100 years of Eindhoven. We carried out the production in close collaboration with CultuurStation.

Of course, we wanted to give kids a fun way to learn about the city But it also draws older people’s attention to the familiar, and perhaps the unfamiliar.

Interestingly, the animation features incredible hand-painted backgrounds. The background-designers painted these on actual canvas, depicting the history of the city.

The skillful animators designed and animated all characters in digital 2D.

The film is part of the primary education curriculum in Eindhoven.

Matte! Nande? granted me a lot of creative freedom to do the scoring and sound. The music should have an original and surreal touch. It should convey a sense of technological marvel, architecture and history at the same time. Furthermore, it needed some industrial touches.

Consequently, I chose a combination of hybrid-orchestral sounds. Additionally, I combined these with samples and synthesized tones.

Lastly, the metallic motif near the end represents Eindhoven and its importance in history.

Specifically, the sequence between 0:53 – 1:04 shows a moment in which Philips manufactures a light-bulb. This renowned multinational enterprise was founded in Eindhoven.

I recorded a lot of mechanical sounds for this scene. These were then sequenced and integrated into the background music. It helped me to create an ever-changing soundscape and a feeling of curiosity.

Supported by: Gemeente Eindhoven en Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie

Animation: Matte!Nande?

Colorist: Dirk Franken

Special Thanks to: WanQing Wang

  • Client: Cultuurstation & Digitale Scheurkalender Eindhoven, Matte! Nande?
  • Task: Composing, Editing, Foley, Mixing

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