LEGO Hill Climb Adventures

Adventure awaits, one note (and brick) at a time!

Hill Climb Racing, a hugely successful franchise by Fingersoft, has been transformed into the exciting world of LEGO and launched as a brand-new mobile game in stunning 3D. This much-anticipated release promises to captivate fans of both Hill Climb Racing and LEGO with its innovative gameplay and vibrant visuals.

The trailer’s score, inspired by Disney’s “Treasure Planet,” “Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001),” and John Williams’ Indiana Jones themes, evokes an adventure movie feel, enhancing the high-energy visuals.

The score for the new Hill Climb Racing LEGO game was composed using Steinberg Cubase Pro, East West Composer Cloud libraries, and the Spitfire BBC Orchestra. Filippo Vicarelli, the original composer for Hill Climb Racing 1 and 2 Game soundtrack, provided tracks for recurring themes in the score.

Collaborating closely with the team at Fingersoft and incorporating Filippo Vicarelli’s suggestions, we created an engaging musical score. This score perfectly complements the stunning 3D visuals crafted by the talented 3D team, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Animation: LEGO

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  • Client: LEGO, Fingersoft
  • Task: Composing, Mixing

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