Hideous Henk

A Social Hero in the Making

Animated for a Contest

As part of a contest for the dutch TV channel NOP3 “3LAB” we created a pilot episode for an original animated series.

The episodes features a little chihuahua dog (played by Dennis Impink) who is adopted by social influencer Michellefer (Hanna van Vliet).

Michellefer desperately needs to expand her social media fanbase. This pilot episode is 8 minutes long. It was written by Britt Snel and Animator Junaid Chundrigar

Interestingly, Junaid not only developed the character design. He also animated most of the pilot himself over the course of 3,5 months.

Foley & Sound Design

The sound effects where done in a one-day session together with Junaid-Chundrigar and mixed in 2.0 Dolby Stereo.

Moreover, all the audio production, composing, tracking, sound design, editing and mixing took place within Steinberg Cubase Pro.

Writing The Soundtrack

To write Hideous Henk’s music, I used an animated storyboard with music samples as a rough guide.

At the same time, the director asked me to not get too influenced by it and put my own spin on it.

Essentially, the music is partly inspired by popular 20th century film and cartoon composers but with a modern twist. Instinctively, I chose Alan Silvestri and Carl W. Stalling as two mayor influences. I made sure that the action and heist scenes sounded more upbeat and engaging to the listener.

Lastly, the main theme for Hideous Henk plays at the ending in this pilot, written by Dennis Impink. Junaid asked me to work the melody of this song into the score. As a result, we could achieve a very comedic and ironic undertone.

2021: Production of a Season

Interestingly, NPO has commissioned at least 4 more episodes of Hideous Henk in 2021. The new season is currently in post-production.

Cameos & Fan Lore

Interestingly, Hideous Henk features many hidden cameo’s throughout the whole series.

In addition to the music and soundtrack for this episode, I was also welcomed to act in a small role in the pilot as a family dad who visits Henk’s cage in the first minute of the episode. I performed a one-liner followed by a manic laugh. As a result, it inspired me to use some of these fragments to create a song and – since the portrayed character is a German – keeping it in the vibe of german EDM group Kraftwerk.

For this reason, a produced dance track is available on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Full Credits

Henk \ Hysteric Child \ Hendrik-Jan Vrolijkman \ Puking Grandma: Dennis Impink
Michellefer: Hanna van Vliet
Roombi: Lize Korpershoek
Sergio: Emilio Guzman
Fikkie: Junaid Chundrigar
Baloe: Matthijs van der Veer
Family-Father: Robert Jung
Family-Mother: Britt Snel
Family-Daughter: Noa Johannes
Family-Son: Liz el Saadany

Director & Animator: Junaid Chundrigar
Scenario: Britt Snel
Producer: Chris Stenger / Floor Onrust
Assistant Producer: Thomas van Son
Co-Producer NTR: Marina Blok
Dramatist: Matthijs van der Veer
Production NTR: Yvonne Vetter

Backgrounds: Niels Dekker
Coloring: Liz el Saadany / Mahmood Shakuri / Dessie van Boesschoten
Sound Design & Music: Robert Jung
Voice recordist: Floris Werver
Boom operator: Burak Oztas
Inhouse production Posta: Christan Muiser / Naomi Polhaupessy / Chaja Koe
Audio Post Production Studio: Posta Amsterdam
Facilities: Warnier Posta
Subtitles: Orihana Calcines

Idea: Caspar Smeets, Rosita Wolkers, Denise Rebergen, Sem Schwengle, Sarah Offringa, Saar Ponsioen, Emily Reekers.

Title Song
Lyrics: Junaid Chundrigar
Arrangement: Lisa Emmerik
Singing: Lisa Emmerik / Dennis Impink
Music: Dennis Impink / Robert Jung

Special Thanks to: Lisa Emmerik
Eveline van de Water
Roloff de Jeu
Ben Vinkenburg
Thijs Viegers
Wim Boer
Anneke van der Nat
Bonnie Mier
Danne Bakker
Noortje Wilschut

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