Lion King by Cas

The Ultimate ''The Lion King'' Recap Cartoon

With over 13 Million views, Cas van de Pol’s “Lion King” parody has quickly become a huge Youtube hit in 2019. The parody summarizes the original Disney-classic in a record time of only 2 minutes. Cas van de Pol redesigned all the characters that fans of the 90s movie still know and love.

To keep the vibe of the original, Cas sent me extracts of the existing soundtrack and asked me to figure out a way to remake them without actually stealing the music in order to evade any copyright claims.

In order to do that, I tried to match the instrumentation of the original music but give it my own twist. Of course, we didn’t have Hans Zimmer’s studio equipment, choir and instruments available.

The budget was limited. Therefore, the composition was done completely in Cubase Pro using virtual instruments from the East-West Composer Cloud within 2 days.

It was a lot of fun to collaborate with Cas. Especially for the love scene, for which we made a very purposely bad re-imagining of “Can You Feel The Love Thonight”.

Cas sent me a couple of vocal takes on top of a backing track I had prepared for him. His incredible chameleon voice added a lot to the music and the atmosphere. Cas sent me some recordings of his voice. With some slight tweaks in pitch and the right mixing magic, we had a workable track ready within a day.

Cas van de Pol on Youtube