Museumkids: Tikkit

Museum Inspectors

Museumkids is a part of the Dutch museum association. It wants to motivate children to visit more museums. For this reason, they invented “Tikkit” – a curious furry museum monster. Tikkit guides children through museum activities. These can be many fun tasks in the museum. For example: “How to become a museum inspector” or “how to make the prettiest museum selfie”.

The Dutch museum association wanted a TV ad and a series of viral videos. These videos featured a 2D-animated version of Tikkit. LAVA Amsterdam is the producer of theses videos.

I wrote and produced a couple of some catchy background tunes for all of the videos. The museum association asked to include their Museumkids sound logo at the end of every video. Therefore, I took the sound logo melody and blended it into the song structure.

Finally, I added  some slight foley sound effects. Dutch animator and illustrator Johan Klungel recorded himself as Tikkit’s voice. I was also responsible for mixing and mastering of all the music and final audio. The audio mix of the TV commercial meets the EBU R 128-2014 loudness standard.

Museumkids on Youtube