Young Women’s Trust

Make a story worth sharing #NotWorthLess

Young Women’s Trust is a small charity organization which supports young women on low or no pay in England and Wales. I was contacted by “Kurzgesagt” animator David Benedetti, to help him enhance his series of 4 short animations with music and sound effects.

The short video clips describe the story of 4 young women under the age of 25 who have to struggle with the social and economic implications of lower minimum wage jobs.

In order to not overpower the narrator’s voice with the soundtrack, I used only minimal instrumentation. The music was also written in a way, so it can be re-used in every clip without much editing.

The voiceover was then edited and enhanced using EQ, compression and de-essing.

For the sound effects, I partially used self-recorded foley that came through a Rode NT2-A condenser mic. Other effects were synthesized. I also keep and maintain a huge library of licensed and self-recorded sound effects.

Some situations require a bit of creativity. Such as for the beginning of clip #2 – “Mattea’s Story” where it was impossible for me to obtain additional voice recordings of a telemarketer-voice. In this case, I went and looked at Apple’s text-to-speech functionality that is baked into MacOS. Surely enough, there were 2 useful voice samples available with a british accent.

All the audio production, composing, editing and mixing was done in Cubase Pro.

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