Depraved O.S.T

An offer I couldn't refuse

Depraved is an indie realtime strategy game set in the colonization era of the wild west.

Evilbite, a german developer got in touch with me to talk about a soundtrack of the game which had been in need of a revamp for the final release of the game on Steam.

To achieve an authentic western sound, I talked to a couple of musicians that would be able to play some of the iconic instruments used in western country music, for example a “Dobro” guitar for a couple of the tracks. Some of the musicians who worked with me was Glenn Schw√§rzer, a dutch guitarist and live performer.

The fiddle part in “Free Wilderness” was played by Hammerson Peters a canadian musician and artist.

After creating a “draft” of the music with lower-quality samples, I sent everything to the instrument player who would then record his part in his own studio. The final step was to mix and master the track.

The game and the soundtrack are available as a bundle on Steam.

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