Last Airbender Recap by Cas

The Last Sound Bender

Fulltime Youtube animator Cas van de Pol spoke to me about doing an Avatar parody as part of a series of “Recap” video’s which he had released on his channel with increasing success.

I made an alternative music score for the video. Borrowing elements of the real Avatar soundtrack, I still kept the music different and original. For the sound effects, I used custom-recorded foley sounds and effects from my own library.

In addition, we used voice recordings by Junaid Chundrigar (voice of Zuko and his father), Chris O’Neill (intro voice) and Dennis Impink, who voiced different characters in the video. I cut and synced all of the material. For the rest of the scenes, I recorded my own voice before mixing everything together with music and sound effects.

The video broke the 1,000,000 views within a week and it will be expected that a sequel is being made.

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