TIMG Explainer

A Story about Information

Animator and Illustrator Laurel from Laurelstories.com approached me via email. She asked me to do sound design and mixing for an explainer about logistics.

Laurel wanted to spice up her animation with sound effects.  Additionally, I mixed everything together with the music she had picked beforehand.  Also, Laurel supplied a pre-recorded voiceover.

TIMG (The Information Management Group) backs up, stores, and manages data for thousands of businesses, large and small, in every major industry across Australia and New Zealand.

I had previously worked with TIMG on “The Life of an Invoice,” and was fortunate to collaborate with them again on this project from concept to delivery.”

~ Laurel

  • Client: TIMG, Laurelstories.com
  • Task: Sound Design, Mixing, Sound Editing
  • Website: https://www.timg.com/

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